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Hi, I’m Kelsey Lundberg. I'm an independent web strategist in the Minneapolis and St. Paul area. I’ve worked with everyone from small businesses to large organizations, all the while pursuing my little mission to make web professionals and users happier.

When I'm not looking at a screen, you can find me knitting, brunching, or kicking around to some surfer punk rock.


Why work with a web strategist?

Web strategists know what it takes to make your project happen. We ask a lot of questions. We advocate for your users. We figure out how to walk through big web projects one step at a time. And we track each step of every phase to make sure you launch something great (and on time).


Migrate and build systems efficiently

  • Loading schedules and tracking systems
  • Timeline and budget estimations
  • CMS specs and testing
  • Structures for organizing and producing assets
  • QA protocols across browsers and devices
  • Launch task lists and assignments

Plan and deliver meaningful content

  • Content audit and assessments
  • Editorial schedules
  • Voice, tone, and messaging guides
  • Audience personas and research
  • Scalable, useful architecture
  • Writing and editing
  • Metadata schemas and content models

Create a sustainable web presence

  • Maintenance plans
  • Workflows, roles, and access rules
  • Documentation and training
  • Team development and hiring practices
  • Process assessment and development
  • Honest conversation

From my clients

Kelsey is one of the most creative people I know. She blends strategy, writing, and technology to create joyous experiences on the web. If you want better results, more business, or happier customers you should work with Kelsey. If not, then hire someone else.
— Michael Vedders, Bethel University
Not only was the finished product great, but it was fun because Kelsey actually seemed genuinely interested in what we were doing and how we were going to present ourselves to the world. I would not hesitate to recommend her services to anyone.
— Ryan Worthley, EAR Electronics
Our project felt very overwhelming when we first started. I was afraid we’d get to the end and realize we missed something huge. Now, I don’t have that fear. When Kelsey came into the picture, it started to feel manageable. She was so organized and clear in her communication. It was great!
— Stephanie Williams, Mill City Church
Kelsey is a creative team player, a leader, and a visionary. I received numerous kudos on the web products she created and I am personally thrilled with her and her work.
— Suzanne Worthley, small business owner


I occasionally write posts about web content management, and I wrote an article a while back for A List Apart.


My story

 "I just tell my grandma I do web stuff."

 "I just tell my grandma I do web stuff."

I started out as a web writer plugging away for a local magazine. From there, I moved into website administration, user training, and CMS management. For a while, it was content strategy. After that, I ran translation between developers, project managers, and designers.

All throughout, I’ve been migrating content from CMS to CMS. Structuring. Building. Loading. Testing. QAing. Launching. Maintaining. Redesigning. Retesting. Relaunching. I’ve made dear friends with spreadsheets. On the side, I’ve helped entrepreneurs make sense of the overwhelming web world and learn how to tell their story.

These days, I don’t know if there’s an official title to describe what I do so I just tell my grandma I do web stuff.



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