Client Case Study

Migrating a site for a small accounting firm

Tom is a CPA who runs his own accounting practice. He needed to move his site to a system that was easier to manage and offered a responsive design. Like his firm, he wanted no frills and a straightforward web presence.


My Role

  • Selecting a technology
  • Coordinating and selecting photography
  • Refreshing content
  • Building out new website
  • Facilitating migration and DNS changes

Providing a Straightforward Solution

Tom didn’t have complex needs. So I didn’t want to deliver him a complicated solution. No costly, outside coding work. Nothing that would require complex maintenance down the road. He simply needed an easy interface, blogging capabilities, and someone who could manage the process. 

Focusing Tom's Content

A good site migration isn’t just about new tools and an updated design. The most important piece is the opportunity to refresh and hone your message.

I worked with Tom to understand his market, go through his content, and find ways to better speak to his audience. We focused our language to better target individuals who have complex, multi-faceted tax returns and business owners who needed to gain a better understanding of their business structure and opportunities for growth.