Web content strategy for large, complex organizations

Making your huge, institutional website less of a headache.


Today’s organizations put a lot of information in their web content management systems. And that information is maintained by lots of people who all have different skill sets, priorities, and motivations. 

When content isn’t planned well, it leads to:

  • Outdated or redundant information
  • Inconsistent voice and tone 
  • Disorganization
  • Structures that don’t scale
  • Lack of ownership
  • Migration projects that are time consuming, overwhelming, and costly

Why hire a content strategist?

A content strategist can help you set up a smart, sustainable system right from the start or clean up existing systems to make your work more efficient.

I love working with complex institutions to create:

  • Scalable, useful architecture
  • Structure for organizing assets
  • Consistent voice and tone
  • Web content that’s informed by today’s best practices
  • Metadata schemas and content models
  • Maintenance plans, including workflows, roles, and access
  • Successful migration plans
Kelsey’s work with Bethel has been invaluable. She helped us take 55,000 poor pages of content down to 15,000 good ones. She increased our SEO by over 150% and brought our page views from 3 million to over 7 million per year in her time working with us. Most importantly she made content a priority so our results will last.
— Michael Vedders, Bethel University

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