Client Case Study

Rehauling a website for a local energy practitioner

Suzanne is an energy practitioner who serves a wide and growing network of clients. She needed to move her site to a more user-friendly system and rework the content to better reflect her brand.


My role

  • Select new technology
  • Rework her content 
  • Coordinate and select photography
  • Built out the site in a new system
  • Transfer domain and manage launch
Besides being a total joy to work with, Kelsey is a take charge, detail oriented person who is able to present clear and precise ideas, concepts, and creative opportunities. She is then able to incorporate them directly into the web product with precision and ease.
— Suzanne Worthley

Telling Suzanne's story

People have different ideas about energy healing and how it works. So we wanted Suzanne's site to debunk conventional thoughts and reflect her matter-of-fact approach.



We started by selecting a clean canvas to convey a sense of simplicity and validity. Then, we used down-to-earth language and highlighted the tangible benefits of Suzanne's work.


We wanted site visitors to feel welcome even if they didn’t know much about energy healing. To do this, we made sure our language wasn't too complex and created pages dedicated to teaching visitors about Suzanne’s work. 


Finally, we wanted to introduce Suzanne personally to visitors and covey her lively spirit and personality. Through a welcoming bio page, professional imagery, and a first-person point of view, we created a experience that helps visitors get to know her.


Project partners

The amazing Scott Streble helped out with most of the photography.